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Teen Health

Nutrition & Healthy Eating Habits

Making Healthy Food Choices

Choose My Plate - A website of the US Department of Agriculture designed to help American families find healthy eating solutions.


For teens or parents of teens, becoming vegetarian is a big step. Vegetarian Nutrition is a website with information on how to make delicious and nutritious food choices when becoming vegetarian.

Vegetarian Teens

The Importance of Calcium

Calcium is essential for strong bones and overall health. The recommended daily amount of calcium is:

  • 9-18 years: 1,300 milligrams daily
  • 19-50 years: 1,000 milligrams daily

Use the Calcium Food Calculator to find out:

  • How much calcium is in certain foods.
  • How much calcium you need.
  • How to add more calcium to your diet.

Calcium Food Calculator

Exercise & Fitness


DAREBEE is an independent global fitness resource. It is a non-profit and also an ad-free and product placement-free website. All of the information on the website has been researched and tested and provided free of charge.

Suggested workouts from

  • 30 Days of Change - 30 Days of Change program is designed to change your exercise habits as well as the way you look and feel - in a month. It is completely 100% equipment free. Designed for weight loss and toning up, it is pretty intense but it keeps the day-to-day routines balanced and just hard enough to keep your body changing.
  • The Foundation - The Foundation is a low impact based program designed for high burn and muscle tone. It includes complete no-equipment bodyweight strength and cardio oriented routines and it is suitable for anyone who is new to bodyweight training and wants to ease into it.
  • Jump Rope 30 Day Challenge
  • 30 Day Cardio and Abs Challenge


If you want to run a 5K and you need help meeting the challenge. Check out the resources below.

Drugs & Alcohol

National Institute on Drug Abuse - The Science of Drug Abuse & Addiction

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